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What Happens at a Burial

What Happens at a Burial? – Burial Process

Whether in a churchyard, cemetery or perhaps a woodland burial site the grave will be prepared in advance.  Sometimes it is possible for the actual plot to be chosen, otherwise it will be allocated by the cemetery authority.

If the funeral is going to be religious the burial will probably be preceded by a service in a church, cemetery chapel or gathered at the graveside.  If a non religious funeral has been arranged the service will probably be held in the cemetery chapel or other secular venue.

At the conclusion of the service, those wishing to attend the burial will follow behind the coffin to the graveside.  Some mourners will not wish to attend the actual burial but of course that is their choice.  Once all those who wish to be present have gathered around the open grave the words of committal will be said.

During these brief by poignant words the coffin bearers will gently lower the coffin into the grave and often the funeral director will symbolically scatter some earth onto the coffin.  Ritual and tradition can often help in the expression of grief and you may wish to scatter some earth yourself or throw a rose or other flower into the grave.

At the conclusion of the service the bearer party will place the floral tributes near the grave for you to see; and you will be able to talk to, and draw support from the other mourners.

The traditions can all be varied, if you wish to do things differently please ask us for advice.  It may be that you would like the burial to be done privately after the funeral or perhaps for it to precede a thanksgiving service.