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Burial Services


If the family decide, or the deceased expressed a wish for burial as the most appropriate option and there is a grave in existence, the grave number and section will be required and is usually on the grave deeds. If the grave deeds cannot be located, the cemetery will usually be able to find the grave from their records. To do this they will need to know in which cemetery the burial took place, when it took place, who was buried in the grave and whether or not there is a headstone on the grave.

The Funeral Director will check with the cemetery and make sure there is room in the grave for a further interment.

If there is no grave in existence and a new grave is required, again this can be arranged directly with the cemetery or through the funeral director. New graves are expensive and the costs can increase significantly in some areas if the deceased lived outside the cemetery authority’s boundary. The family organising the purchase of a new grave should know what the costs are before finalising the funeral arrangements.

Burials in churchyards are subject to rules and regulations of the church authority concerned. These rules are often very strict in relation to the type of headstone or memorial that can be placed on the grave following the funeral. The restrictions on churchyard memorials may include no black granite or polished memorials and can extend to what is written on the headstone. Those responsible for the funeral arrangements should be aware of what memorial restrictions are enforced before the interment takes place to avoid any unnecessary distress later on.

Burial Certification

Before burial can be allowed to take place the certificate for disposal (the Green Certificate from the Register Office) must be handed to the cemetery registrar. This would normally be done by the funeral director. This certificate is also issued (for burial only) when the coroner holds a post-mortem examination.

Other non-statutory documentation is usually required by the cemetery. This documentation is provided by the cemetery and is usually available from the funeral director.